HR Consultant
Spark & Spark Enterprises provide HR services across the diverse locations in Pakistan for a variety of industry sectors. We manage this through our Recruitment process. We are specialized in searching for the right candidate across all levels.

Recruitment Process

Job Description

  • Job Description obtained from client either via email or telephone.
  • Positions are assigned to one of Globe Resource qualified Recruitment Consultant’s.
  • Client contacted in order to fully assess their requirements.
  • Candidate search commences.

Database Search & Advertising

  • Recruitment Database containing over 10,000 candidates from all over Pakistan.
  • Access to various jobsites, Facebook & WhatsApp Group for marketing and advertisement.

Interviewing & Evaluation

  • Up to date and detailed CV’s obtained and assessed against the JD’s.
  • Initial telephone interviews followed by face to face interviews with qualified Interviewer.
  • Candidates are skill tested in order to assess them against the JD’s.

Placement & Monitoring

  • Applications submitted to client for consideration and arrangements made for Interviews.
  • Temporary workers constantly monitored to assess performance.

Staff Retention

  • Personnel are fully briefed on roles.
  • Temporary Workers receive prompt weekly payments reflective of client signed timesheets.
  • Personnel awarded with performance based incentives.
  • Regular contact with Globe Resources.
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